July 21, 2018. Adventure Gravel Race.

Start will be randomly announced between 3:00am – 7:00am. Alarm will sound and you have one hour until race start. You will receive your passport, map, race instructions and 12-hours to finish. You will traverse classic gravel, chunky two-track, sand, punchy climbs, river crossings and the remote UP backcountry in pursuit of checkpoints. HAMR will require strategy and teamwork.

Take the term “Adventure Gravel” with a grain of salt. UP Gravel isn’t your typical gravel. Think Marji-Gravel, minus the super technical features. Bumpy. Sandy. Rough. You can ride a CX rig that’s been properly equipped. Talk to a local. Pro tip: Most Yooper Gravel riders roll mountain, plus or fat.


Team Gravel Race. Teams compete head-to-head.
4-7 checkpoints.
60-120 miles. It depends on what route you take to collect the checkpoints.
12-hour time limit to complete.

Multiple categories:

  • Tandem HAMR
  • Family HAMR (one rider must be under 16)
  • Co-Ed HAMR
  • Random HAMR (arrive solo, we assign you to another solo rider and pray for your souls)
  • Male HAMR
  • Female HAMR


Solo Gravel Race
Solos compete head-to-head.
170+ miles.
7 checkpoints.
We hope you’re back by Sunday.

Basecamp location

Forestville Trailhead. Rustic camping available.
Friday night camping: Quiet time at 10:00pm.
No generators.

A note regarding camping vs. not camping Friday night:
We’re not going to make camping at Basecamp mandatory, but if you choose not to camp figuring out the random start time is ON YOU. We’ll post ONE TIME to Facebook when we sound the alarm. Teams and solos not picking up their passport by 7:00am will be disqualified.


Contains detailed maps of each checkpoint. Provides checkpoint verification – checkpoint volunteers will mark your passport indicating you visited the checkpoint. This is essentially your number plate and proof of completion. DO NOT LOSE IT.

Variable Start Time

Random start time between 3:00-7:00am.
HAMR alarm will sound one hour prior to the official start.
HAMR alarm time will be posted via social channel: FACEBOOK (as the moment it happens)
Teams: You will have 12-hours from the gun time to finish.
Solos: We hope come back (at some point).
Passports can be picked up as soon as the HAMR alarm sounds (race morning). How much time you have to review the passports and maps will be determined by how quickly you rally out of bed and pick up it up.
Passports must be picked up NO LATER THAN 7:00AM.