1. You are self-supported! Have what you need. No one is out there.
  2. Don’t be a tool. We’re here to have fun.
  3. Road rules apply!  
  4. All competitors must have an emergency light source.
  5. All competitors must have a red tail light.
  6. Team members must stay together at all times.
  7. Teams must have their bikes and all required gear at all times during the event.
  8. Approved cycling helmets must be worn at all times while riding in the event.
  9. Teams must reach 4 of 7 checkpoints to finish.  Checkpoints 5-7 will reward time bonuses.
  10. Random gear checks may be done on-course. Teams will receive a time penalty for each piece of missing required gear.
  11. Teams may reach checkpoints in any order.
  12. The team with the lowest overall time (after time bonuses and penalties) wins.
  13. No bushwhacking.  
  14. Respect private property postings.
  15. E-bikes are prohibited.
  16. The Race Directors reserve the right to disqualify teams for any reason deemed by race officials as unsportsmanlike or otherwise against the spirit of the event.