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Rules, guidelines and important info.


1. HAMR is a self-supported event. By registering for this event you assume full responsibility for your actions, decisions, and outcomes. Be prepared.

2. No one is coming to save you.

3. You will be required to pass a gear check Friday night at packet pickup and potentially at checkpoints during the race. Failing a gear check will result in a DQ. No exceptions.

4. Road Rules apply to both TEAM and Sledge events. Do not get hit by a car, cause an accident or mayhem.

5. Approved cycling helmets must be used at all times.

6. All competitors must carry a helmet or handlebar mounted light source. We recommend multiple lights and a backup battery source for SledgeHAMR riders.

7. All competitors must have a red emergency taillight on their bike. No exceptions.

8. You must have a GPS. No exceptions. We will load a GPX file onto the GPS units of Sledge competitors overnight Friday.

9. TeamHAMR: Team members must stick together at all times and have their bikes with them at all times.

10. TeamHAMR competitors must return to basecamp within 12-hours from the start time.

11. You MUST respect private land. Do not trespass.

12. Competitors may only receive support at HAMR checkpoints which are released 1 hour before the start.

13. Neutral assistance is allowed from locals. Neutral being defined as offered equally to everyone!.

14. Competitors can stock up on supplies at a c-store, restaurant, etc.

15. In the event they leave the course for any reason, Sledge competitors must return to the same point they left the course and begin from there.

16. Additional rules specific to checkpoints, time bonuses/penalties, and scoring will be provided 1 hour before the start in your HAMR Passports. Your Passports will be your primary tool in ensuring a fun and successful adventure!

Equipment Checklist

Required for Team HAMR:

1. GPS

2. Cell phone

3. Battery pack with appropriate cord to charge phone/GPS

4. Red taillight

5. Front light

6. Cash, debit card or credit card

7. Rain jacket

8. Two spare tubes

9. Tire levers

10. Hand pump or inflation system

11. Chain tool, Master link

12. Allen wrench set

13. Minimum 2L water carrying capacity (hydration pack or ~3 bottles)

14. First aid kit w/gauze, tape, bandages, etc. (1 per team)

15. Snorkel

Required for Sledge HAMR in addition to above:

1. Minimum 3L water carrying capacity (hydration pack or ~4 bottles)

2. 2400 calories at start

3. Water filtration or treatment system (1 per team)

4. Extra thermal top or warm layer

5. Emergency survival blanket (mylar style packs well)

6. Whistle

7. Lighter or waterproof matches

Teaser Team Passport and Route for DIYers:

1. Download your teaser Passport here: Teaser Passport

2. Read through the Passport, especially the Rules page, and think of how you would go about linking those Checkpoints.

3. Check out how we would link those Checkpoints here for minimizing time: Strava Teaser Route

4. Did you find a better route? Lets us know on Facebook!


50-75 miles

2-person TEAM format. Randomly selected start time between 3:00-7:00am. You get 12-hours to collect as many or as few checkpoints as possible.

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“There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”
– Roberto Assagioli


170? miles

Solo event for gravel loving mercenaries. A handful of locals have tackled and completed this route. Ride a CX bike at your own risk.

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