December 4th, 2017

Marquette County, Michigan

“Enhanced Gravel”

We invented a new term today: Enhanced Gravel. This is NOT your classic gravel course. This is the Sledge HAMR. A gravel route you can do on a properly equipped cross bike… but you’ll probably wish you had a mountain bike.

Exhibit A

We were asked today “will there be support out there or do we need to show up with everything we need”?

Read below from the HAMR First Response Team:

Rule #1: There are no rules. Ok, we took that from Fight Club but it still applies.
Rule #2: Show up prepared, fully prepared, to take care of yourself.
Rule #3: Road Rules Apply.
Rule #4: GPS is required. Without one you will end up lost forever in the UP.
Rule #5: There will be checkpoints. You need to stop at the checkpoints.
Rule #6: You need to be ok with river crossings! There are two.
Rule #7: We will have aid out there at strategic locations. But we’re not your moms. So be prepared.

If you think you can finish under 13-hours Gordon Gearheart will have something nice and shiny waiting for you back at basecamp.

Much more to come. Sign up today at HAMR


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