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Event sponsors are key to making these things work. Please support these fine groups that help to make this happen.


You’re going to need a GPS to roll the HAMR. We’ve been using Garmin hardware for years while exploring the backwoods of the U.P., mapping out the Marji Gesick and trying to find our way back to the trail for Polar Roll. We trust ’em, and are proud that they’re sponsoring HAMR.

Hammer Nutrition

Hammer sponsors the HAMR. It’s a perfect match. But honestly we’ve been working with the great team at Hammer Nutrition for years. Founded in 1987 by Brian Frank, Hammer Nutrition provides superlative products, proprietary knowledge, and 5-star service to health conscious athletes all over the world.

Cedaero Packs

Cedaero is about bikepacking and bike touring packs, but it is also about the feeling of freedom you get when you ride a bike, especially on an adventure that takes you somewhere new.  The name CEDAERO is a blend of cedar and aerodynamic, reflecting our passions for nature and love of science and technology at the same time.  Cedaero packs are crafted with pride in Two Harbors, Minnesota of USA materials.  They are durable and elegantly simple, made the way you would expect a custom pack to be.  The fit and finish of our custom bags make the bike you adventure on an expression of your passion for riding.

906 Adventure Team

At the 906 Adventure Team we love bikes – and we’ve helped kids throughout Marquette County grow to love them too with our after-school mountain bike clubs, summertime Adventure Bike Club, Frei-day Family Rides, and high school race team. Yet 906 Adventure Team is about far more than exploring the woods and getting some exercise. It’s about building friendships, establishing healthy habits, and learning that consistency is key – on the bike and off.

Contrast Coffee

A fantastic cup of Contrast Coffee does not happen by accident. It takes the careful focus and dedication of the farmers we purchase from, our expert roast-masters, and the skills of your baristas to create a coffee experience like no other for the final consumer. Because of this, Contrast Coffee works closely with our wholesale partners to provide not just high quality, freshly roasted, specialty grade coffee, but also other support as needed through equipment offerings and barista training.

Velodrome Coffee Co.

Coffee fanatics. Cyclists. Marquette storefront. The team at Velodrome Coffee Company knows their stuff. Heck they’ll even deliver your coffee by bike (if you live in Marquette)!

Terrene Tires

It’s all about the ride—it always has been. At Terrene, we put riding at the center of the experience. We understand what matters most—be it an afternoon on your favorite stretch of singletrack, a long day on an unending dirt road, or a worldwide tour. We took what we have learned through decades in the bicycle industry to bring you tires that are designed to ride how you do. From the very beginning of the process until the tread hits the dirt, we bring together our experience in product development and a passion for riding to create tires that are ready to ride for people that live to.


50-75+ miles

2-person TEAM format. Randomly selected start time between 3:00-7:00am. You get 12-hours to collect as many or as few checkpoints as possible.

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“There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”
– Roberto Assagioli


200 miles

Solo event for gravel loving mercenaries. In 2018, 17 riders completed this route under 24 hours. Ride a CX bike at your own risk.

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Race Report from Roy Kranz – 2nd Place SledgeHAMR

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